Update no. 2

Hello there!

Thought it was about time to at least do a quick assessment of how this list is going, and taking the chance to make a few changes/updates to the list. All under the cuts!

Start date: April 1st, 2018
End date: December 27th, 2020

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I hope you are all doing well and you're working on your goals and seeing some results.


Monthly Update No. 1

Hi All!

Hope you are all well. I thought I might try to check in every month (or every couple of months, depending on how life's going) to try and keep a good pace on this challenge this time around. I know it is still a couple of days left, but weekdays are pretty hectic for me so why not.

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New year, new life, I said, and with it, new list!

Hello, all!

I am not quite sure how active this community still is, but I am going to embark in my second attempt to complete this 101/1001 challenge, and it is always good and encouraging to try and reach the community. The list has a starting date of April 1st, for many reasons but mostly because I need some time to prepare my mind to go ahead with it.

My previous list did not go great, although some more goals were accomplished than that post reflects. I tripled my savings goal and completed the 52 Weeks Money Challenge. I haven't drank alcohol since January 1st. On the other hand, I finally never graduated university. My life has changed drastically since I created the first list, so why not make one from scratch? Luckily, anyway, the deadline for the previous one had already passed, so it was perfect.

My list is not complete, but a lot of stuff is down there already. I am starting a new, promising career soon, and I am guessing that will add a few points to this, among other things. Good luck to me and anyone still trying to finish one of these challenges! ♥


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Round-up: End of Year 1 (first 365 days)!

I haven't done an update in an long time, and I don't want to do a long monthly update now, but I thought I'd post the statistics of where I was at the end of year one. I started this list on January 1, 2017. Now, on January 1, 2018, here is where I am:

1 goal has failed completely and been eliminated.
12 goals are in progress, but are incomplete in some way (usually because they're time-sensitive- weekly, monthly, etc.- and I skipped them sometimes). I'm still continuing them, but they'll be declared "partially complete" at the end of the M101 period.
15 goals are in progress without any lapses.
In 365 days, 5 goals have been completed!!

My list is here! Feel free to ask about any of the goals or my progress on them if you have questions. Here's to a productive 2nd year of Mission 101 progress!

List #4

Here is my fourth list. Again going for the sensible end, and again eagerly, perhaps even more (good thing I had a good list of suggestions of what to do available with a lot of choices).

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