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101 Things To Do in 1001 Days Update

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Jan. 23rd, 2009 | 10:36 pm
mood: pleasedpleased
posted by: erinbear0923 in mission101

So! I figured it was a good idea to skim through my list and see what things I have done, work are works-in-progress, and what are still on the adgenda. After skimming through, here's my updated list:

= Done!
Italicized = Work-In-Progress

[1] Participate in Gimmie Your Stuff at least once.
[2] Learn Spanish.
[3]Read 101 books within 1001 days.
[4]Vote for President in the 2008 Election.
[5] Participate in Postcrossing once.
[6] Sell one of my painted rocks on Ebay or Etsy.
[7] Eat at a new restraunt that I normally would never try once a month.
[8] Get accepted into pharmacy college.
[9] Pass with flying colours on my PCAT examination.
[10] Finish my pre-pharmacy degree.
[11] Save 100 dollars from each paycheck and put it in my savings account.
[12] Go to the movies with my mother and little cousin at least once a month.
[13] Learn to sew and knit.
[14] Make my own christmas cards.
[15] Oil paint at least one painting again.
[16] Go to the state faire.
[17] Take a picture of myself every month.
[18] Pay for someone behind me in the drive through.
[19] Start using the recycled cloth grocery bags.
[20] For one day a month, don't use the car. Ride a bike or walk everywhere you want to go.
[21] One day a month, try a completely new recipe.
[22] Donate my old wedding gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer.
[23] See the top 25 greatest films as voted by IMDB.
[24] Purchase new camera.
[25] Write 10 short stories.
[26] Turn 1 short story into a novel.
[27] Submit said story for publishing.
[28] Regain my goal weight from late highschool.
[29] Become a Yoga Instructor.
[30] Enroll in personal training to develop muscle tone.
[31] Solve a Rubik's Cube.
[32] Buy groceries for someone in need.
[33] Become an organ donor.
[34] Use Eco-Libris at least once to pay back for my book habit.
[35] Get a henna tattoo.
[36] Paricipate in NaNoWriMo once.
[37] Make my own Halloween Costume each year.
[38] Have 10 "NO SPEND DAYS" per month.
[39] Donate 10,000 grains of rice through Free Rice.
[40] Go to 2 concerts per year.
[41] Go for a nature hike.
[42] Take bellydancing classes.
[43] Visit the Fort Worth and Dallas Zoo.
[44] Visit the Dallas National Aquarium.
[45] Get something else other than my ears pierced.
[46] Get a 4.0 for one semester in college.
[47] Discover 15 new music artists.
[48] Blog daily for a month.
[49] See 10 Forgein Films.
[50] Get a completely off-the-wall short fashion haircut.
[51] Get a makeover.
[52] Dye hair a wild color.
[53] Use Climate Crisis Calculator and try and lower my impact.
[54] Complete a detox plan.
[55] Get a bikini wax - OUCH!
[56] Pay off all credit card debt.
[57] Buy a nice pair of expensive earrings.
[58] Go to a spa and participate in Hot Stone Therapy.
[59] Send a care package to a solider.
[60] Visit the boardwalk in San Antonio with a date.
[61] Suprise a date with something erotic.
[62] Fast for 3 days straight.
[63] Read 10 Medical Journal Articles.
[64] Go camping at least 5 times.
[65] Participate in Mayfair on Main Street in Fort Worth at least once.
[66] Buy one small crazy-cool mini black dress.
[67] Find a pen pal.
[68] Participate in 100_snapshots
[69] Join Librarything and participate.
[70] Donate 100 books to an organization.
[71] Donate blood twice a year.
[72] Visit the beach twice.
[73] Buy a full set of frilly lingerie - even if you're the only one that ever sees it.
[74] Buy an elliptical rider for the patio.
[75] Go to Scarborough Faire.
[76] Befriend someone at college.
[77] Spend one day taking my mother shopping, and buying everything for her.
[78] Eat nothing but fruit and vegetables for an entire day.
[79] Buy a pair of tall knee high boots.
[80] Go to a club again and enjoy myself.
[81] Write a letter to myself and open it in one year to see what's changed.
[82] Visit Six Flags again.
[83] Go to Galvestion for a weekend.
[84] Show at least 5 photos of myself publicly.
[85] Visit 3 museums.
[86] Whiten my teeth.
[87] Volunteer at the pound twice a year.
[88] Enjoy a relationship with a new boyfriend.
[89] Become better at small talk with strangers.

[90] Compete in a 5K Marathon for the March of Dimes.
[91] Have a "Me" day one day each month.
[92] Take an extra-curricular class in something that interests me.
[93] Get a professional portrait done after weight loss.
[94] Take a road trip to the San Marcus Outlet Mall.
[95] Meet "someone special" in person.
[96] Paricipate in Book Crossing with at least 15 books.
[97] Take a picture of 43 signs that represent me and share them here.
[98] Have a reading from one of my friends.
[99] Buy a pair of ridiculously cool expensive jeans.
[100] Participate in the Mandala Project.
[101] Undecided.

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