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2018 End-of-year Update!

I seem to have completely abandoned the idea of doing monthly posts (although I'd love to get back in it for 2019), but I thought the end of 2018 deserved an update on how I'm doing on my Mission 101 list! In January I'll officially have 9 months left in this current list. Here's the status of my goals:

COMPLETE: 6 (Wow. Only 6 fully complete after 2 years? That's kind of sad.)
IN PROGRESS (no lapses): 19
IN PROGRESS (some lapses, but still going for partial achievement): 12
INCOMPLETE AND DISCARDED: 6 (Of those goals, 5 are "failed" and the other one is a goal I decided I was no longer invested in and voluntarily discarded)

What I find interesting is that this list shows that I have completed, am working on, or have worked on 43 goals- which means that the majority of the goals on my list are still untouched! Some of them I could claim I've kind of worked on, but it's not "official" progress- for instance, on the goal where I get book recommendations from students and actually read them, I've actually gotten 3 of the 5 suggestions- I just don't want to mark it in progress until I've actually read one of them. When I get to the end of the M101 period in September 2019, I'll repost the whole list with a line or two of comments on what I did or didn't do for each one.

Around September of last year, I started randomly choosing a goal from the list (using a random number generator) and writing it down in my planner to focus on, and try to make progress on, each day. It wasn't entirely successful- I did a lot more thinking about the goal I'd randomly picked than actually doing anything to work on it- but I'd like to try it again in 2019, with a little more intention behind it. I'm excited to see what I can accomplish in the last 9 months of the challenge!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hats off to anyone who is starting a new list this coming year. I hope your progress is productive and enjoyable!

You can find my list here!
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