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December 2018 Update

Wow, it's been... over a year and a half since I've updated this. Whoops. I just got so busy with other things, it completely slipped my mind. But here I am back again!

Start: July 15, 2016
End: April 12, 2019

In Progress:
8. Read 25 books I own but haven’t read (9?/25)
I read Loved by the Dragon by Vivienne Savage, The Totally Garlic Cookbook by Helene Siegel and Karen Gillingham, and Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography by Lemony Snicket.
53. Donate $101 (20?/101)
73. Visit 5 new states (2/5)
I visited Missouri for a concert.

11. Watch 5 foreign, non-Japanese movies (5/5)
I watched The Breadwinner (2017), Mute (2018), Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016), The Windmill (2016), and The Rift (2016), among others.
19. Get a professioal massage
56. Take a cross-country road trip.
I went to St. Louis, a 11-12 hour one way trip.
61. Eat really expensive cuisine.
I at at Little Pine in LA.
71. Visit somewhere that's haunted.
I went on a haunted tour of downtown Austin.
84. Try 10 new recipes (10/10)

26. Try no poo for at least 3 weeks. >> Complete Tarot 101 on Labyrinthos Academy.
27. Try homemade deodorant for at least 3 weeks. >> Do a tarot reading for someone else.
42. Complete a MOOC. >> Rearrange my bedroom.
46. Send a military care package. >> Send 5 holiday_wishes gifts (0/5)
60. Run a marathon. >> Make a personal writing database.
68. Watch a popular musical live. >> Attend a quidditch game.

1. Complete NaNoWriMo
I decided to skip NaNo this year since I had so much else going on, so since this will end before the next one...
70. Host a Halloween party.
I tried this year and just could not get it to happen.
85. Submit something to the State Fair.
I just can never remember to submit in time.

Total completed: 8
Total failed: 3
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