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Update no. 2

Hello there!

Thought it was about time to at least do a quick assessment of how this list is going, and taking the chance to make a few changes/updates to the list. All under the cuts!

Start date: April 1st, 2018
End date: December 27th, 2020

My progress:

1. Read only female authors in 2018.
2. Read 25 books in a year.
10. Reach 326 read books on Goodreads (meaning: read 101 books).

I have read 16 books so far this year, which means I am almost on track for 30 books in 2018! Except for that one mistake already registered in my last entry, I have stuck to female authors and it's being amazing.

The Poppy War by Rebecca F. Kuang is my absolute favourite and top recommendation out of the last few books I've read. It's the Chinese history-based story of an orphan who enlists to escape poverty, opium and an arranged marriage, only to discover that she has an aptitude for the dangerous art of shamanism, and that her country is once more at the verge of war. It is a dark and twisted book that doesn't back down when it comes to portraying war at it worst, and then a bit more. Character development is real, it deals with sexism and issues of power imbalance, and it is overall really well written. If you can make it past the trigger warnings (and I am willing to answer your questions if you do, regarding this!), I strongly recommend it as I absolutely loved it and am anxiously waiting for the second book.

29. Watch all Studio Ghibli movies.
We watched Tales From Earthsea since this list started. Not my favourite, I will admit.

45. Find an activity I like and stick to it. / 47. Go skating. ✓
Not only did I go skating, but got the Boyfriend to buy me skates for my birthday and have been working on my skills for a while. I joined a class last week and will do this in the future again (I wasn't feeling so great this week), so yay!

49. Do a headstand.
I did an assisted handstand (aka, against the wall), which is not exactly the same, but it is PROGRESS.

81. Travel with mom. ✓
I am sort of glad this is done. I'm an only child and know this is something my mom really wished for but it wasn't the best experience for me as we are radically different travellers. But hey, it made her happy!

83. Visit at least 3 cities or towns in England. (1/3)
I have visited Brighton since this started, quite liked it too!

Some changes that are much needed:

I like to revisit my list sometimes along the way and see if something needs to change slightly. I never change the core goal (ie. exercising) but maybe I do change the tangible goal, like today, to make them more realistic or make them fit my current life better.

Original - 34. Register with a GP within 2 weeks after the move.
New Goal - 34. Register with a GP in your area.

Originals - 41. Go to the gym/exercise 2x week for a month. / 42. Go to the gym/exercise 3x week for a month. / 43. Go to the gym/exercise 4x week for a month.
New Goals - 41. Join a gym nearby. ✓ / 42. Go to the gym at least 2x week for a month.

Original - 44. Go to 3 gym classes.
New Goal - 43. Go to 3 fitness classes.

I have also switched my Japanese learning goals a little to:

56. Reach Wanikani Level 10.
57. Reach Wanikani Level 20.
58. Reach Wanikani Level 30.
59. Finish my basic conversation book ("Aprende japonés").
60. Finish my grammar book ("Manual de lengua japonesa").

61. Work through "Minna no Nihongo I" once again, to review.
62. Work through "Minna no Nihongo II" once again, to review.

This is mostly because I realized I need to do a GOOD and THOROUGH review of all the basics before I can move forward with my studying, so I am focusing on this really hard at the moment.

I hope you are all doing well and you're working on your goals and seeing some results.

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