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December 2016

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Jan. 1st, 2017 | 10:52 am
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posted by: meepalicious in mission101

In honor of one year of mission101, I spent some time over the last three days evaluating my list. I also did some math and realized, oops, I have space for 23 more goals. How did that happen? I added a few, but even so. I don't want to just put something on the list to complete the list.

Completed goals: 8 fully completed; 3 yearly goals completed
Failed goals: 2 (both are yearly; one I dropped, and one I have a chance to redeem myself in 2017!)

• read one poem a week/read one short story a week
I kinda fell behind on these lately, so I'm making it a priority for 2017.

• read one academic journal article per week
I love reading journal articles, and I have database access now! (Plus, there's always DOAJ.) I want to keep learning even though I graduated a long time ago now, so this will be a good goal for me. It's a habit I want to get into.

• sew a stuffed animal or doll
I made a slight modification to this - at first it was just "sew a stuffed animal," but I have so much fun looking at doll patterns on Pinterest that I added "or doll." Easy. I'm thinking I might hand stitch a Black Apple felt doll as soon as I get back to work (where I can print the pattern).

• pledge yearly at getyourwordsout
I pledged 200,000 words in 2016; I only made it to 93,111. (It was a rough year.) I pledged again in 2017, this time back down to a "modest" goal of 150,000 words.

give everyone handmade gifts for Chrismtas one year
I was so close, but time was running out and my sewing machine was screwing up. The only person who didn't get a handmade present for Christmas was my sister, who got something she actually wanted instead. I'll try again this year!

• learn to embroider/cross stitch
Like the "sew a stuffed animal or doll" goal, I just added a bit on to this one: instead of "learn to embroider," it's now "learn to embroider/cross stitch." Blame Pinterest again.

• sew curtains for the kitchen/bathroom/hallway
I've been meaning to do this for a long time now anyway, and after some question about whether or not I planned to move any time soon, I decided that I'm not, so I added this as a goal.

• crochet a temperature blanket
Like I said, I'm really low on goals. This is something I had decided to do in 2017 anyway, so I thought this would be a good goal. It's a pretty big committment, so it's a good fit for this project.

pay off all undergraduate student loans
I did it! It's done!! I'm officially out of debt. My bank account took a big hit for it, because I paid off like $10,000 in one go, but I'm done! I'm in the black.

• apply for Republic of Ireland Foreign Births Register
It's time. I ordered a copy of my paternal grandmother's birth certificate yesterday, and my mom has been in touch with my dad's side of the family, learning family history and maiden names and that kind of thing. Next up: copies of all the Stateside paperwork and contacting the local embassy.

• always get Christmas presents sent out on time
Yep! It meant sacrificing another goal (make everyone handmade Christmas presents), but I got my gifts for home put in the mail on time for my mom, sister, and Godmother to open on Christmas!

set up Time Machine and buy a wireless external HDD
I sorta "substituded" this goal. With a cloud service already set up, it didn't feel like it was worth $300 for automatic local wireless back-up when I could spend $75 and just remember to back up my files more often. So this is canceled and completed at the same time.

print photos for albums
I have all of my digital photos dating back to 2007, so I'm going to pick the top 100 per year and get them printed out. Right now I'm working on sorting them and choosing the best ones.

Something else I did this time was to color code some goals: purple goals are priorities for 2017, and navy blue goals are "uncertain." These are things I'd like to do or try, but that might go beyond "a stretch" to "impossible" because of financial or health reasons.

Priority Goals
big personal trip, Summer 2017
complete the Dutch course on Duolingo
read one poem a week
read one short story a week
read one academic article a week
edit a completed novel first draft
crochet a temperature blanket
start a retirement savings account
apply for Republic of Ireland Foreign Births Register

Uncertain Goals
see the Northern Lights
join a bon odori or yosakoi dance class
adopt a cat

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from: gaeln
date: Jan. 1st, 2017 10:44 pm (UTC)

Progress is being made so YAY!! And you are right, no sense adding goals just to complete the list. New things are always coming up :) I hope you have much success with your list in 2017!

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